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Just some short notes about what I have been doing lately with linux and open source.

Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 14.04 are mentioned.  CENTOS 6.4 32-bit is mentioned along with Puppy Linux Precise edition and Mint 16 with Mate


Hope you have a great day

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Hi Mint Fans I wish I could say I was loving Mint 12 I like Mint 10 a lot more.

Still run it :)

The Gnome 3 was too much for netbook I had to put XFCE4 on it.

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Hi Guys I have been busy since Ogg Camp.

Short shoe for an update :)

Take care

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Using Debian 6.0 with Virtural Box 4.01

Hi Everyone I installed Debain 6.0 on my virtural box.

It was very challenging with my limited knowledge of Xorg.

Kind Regards


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Hi everyone, I looked at the Pinguy linux and it was great.  Very Clean and Fast will all the software and codexs right there.

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Hi Everyone hope this note finds you well.

Today I am talking about my IRiver H10 that I have with Rockbox.

I had some issues with performance of my H10 I went to the forums and the answers were there.

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Rolling Release

Over the years both at work and at home I have wanted a rolling release method on Debian. I was very happy that the Linux Mint folks made the LXDE version on Debian. To my surprise on two different machines I have had issues with this. The first was that Gpodder would not work on my standard normal Netbook – Thus Linux Mint Julia was installed and I am really in Love with that version it does everything well. I also tried it on my older think pad 1GB very old Intel processor and it installed but says something about broken packages and will not update or show me what do. So it is about over for that as well.

I heard on Distro watch that Debian might do a stable rolling release I hope so.


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Puppy Linux Review

I have used Puppy Linux for a number of years. It has always been small and easy to use. The version 5.25 is no exception to the rule. It also the the most beautiful Puppy Linux ever that came out in standard form. Barry has done an excellent job.

I put it on my 1GB USB Stick that I use to fix broken windows computers at work and those of friends in the Heidelberg/Karlsruhe area of Southern Germany.

Gparted works well and the system resource application is very good.

In the rare case that I have an Internet Cafe that allows me to boot to it. “Which has happened in Frankfurt down town it work really well.

On this stick I also have a small collection of portable aps tools as well.

There is also a long term support Puppy that is not a pretty as the current one. But long term is long term.

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Hi having some issues with the Asus 701 4G and its hard drive being too small

Blog at jwp5.wordpress.com





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Notes at jwp5.wordpress.com


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another update about my devices.  please see jwp5.wordpress.com



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Hi just a short not about what I am doing in linux.

I hope all is ok with each of you.

sorry but did it on my lst gen I phone and I will go forward learning how to make it ogg as a project.


got feed back the podcast file was bad.

I checked converted it to mp3

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Good Day everyone, I ran Android 1.6 off the Asus 701.

I had saw the demo of it on the Linux Action show and thought to give it a try.

The boot time was very fast.

The keyboard commands the Homekey or windows key and the esc button are real important.

The browser speed is the fastest I have ever experienced.

Video worked fine.

I could not figure out how to connect to a network share.

Other than that it worked great. 

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Hi everyone been gone a while looking forward to the new Ubuntu.

The new adroid stuff looks great.


Hope to start tickering soon.



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I installed ubuntu and  wanted to test if my disk worked our not.  I googled and found a tool called smartctl.  Initalled it and it worked fine.
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Want to try out linux, bsd or unix listen to this one.
The history of linux a bit of FSF in the mix.

I did not know that linux was so linked to fsf richard stallman.
But it seems true.

GNU and GPL are covered

What is GNU
What is GPL
What is GNU Linux is also covered
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Basic Review of Rockbox 3.5
LXDE review
Ebooks Reviewed
CloneZilla Reviewed
What about windows 7 starter editon?

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The D-Link DNS-323 is a great project router

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Older Risc PC's in the U.K. video problems and the open risc project.
Very interesting - open non AMD or intel hardware. Open Risc Website information.  www.riscosopen.org

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A short news podcast new AMD cpu new names
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In this podcast I review the portable aps choice to add freeware to the portable aps suite and I have added Lupo Pen suite to my USB And SD cards.

Now there is just about no reason to install hardware in your C: drive to your windows XP, Visa or windows 7.

With these two software suites you have just about total coverage to include games. 

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In Wolverhampton U.K. Ogg Camp and there was a wedding.  No it was not as good as the OLF wedding but still it was a wedding.

They played this music at the front door and it was really great.

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The Open Street Map Class at Ogg Camp and how the Open Street Map Project.  Working and doing he project.

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The first 12 minutes or so of the Ogg Camp.
A poor recording as I was in the back of the room.
But it names the sponsors and has a very UK sound to it.
I have no content in this one.

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A short Review of the format of the

TLLTS - Linux Unfiltered PodCast

They ask for a brief review of there podcast and how to make it better.

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An Exciting look at Monitors that connect to USB on the EEE PC.
The Sony 505 Ebook Reader.

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I installed a new remix of Fedora with all the codexs and cool stuff preinstalled.  It has funny hotdog kind of logo when you log in or out
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Hi I looked again into Slackware 13 on the desk top with my basement computer and I have found it to be very good.  Very nice for light use systems with little or no requirement for package managers.  It really works well.  No problems with it.

I got everything ready for Lugradio live 2009 and Ogg camp.
Looking forward to a few days in England.

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Hi the Zipit2 hack is really interesting and I am wanting to try it.
It looks to be the nokia internet tablet for about 40 bucks or so.
All you would have to add would be a RSS Reader
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Hi everyone I did a happy birthday to unix short one.
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A talk with a teen ager about computers and linux brief talk about how other folks look at open source and why apple works so well with folks
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sony 505 ebook reader review
ebook sources guten burg project vs google books

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general talk about 9.04 with Netbooks, NB100 and Asus 704.  what is up with Firefox performance
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my hard disk broke and my trouble.

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13th of Augst 2009 hard drive types, listen feed back with linux news and free ware
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News, Virtual box and the CP command :)

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having problems with the apache and rights to the usb stick
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Ubuntu more apache samba
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Ubuntu notes
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3rd podcast return

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2nd Return podcast
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My return with my new recorder.
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Hi guys the sound quality is better this time and the message is short :)

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Talk abit about 9.04 and fedora 10 and how good they really and how suse 11.1 pains me so
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Hello everyone hope this finds you well

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Second in the NFS series
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NFS Podcast with linux
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Hey everyone not a very good podcast this time I rambled on a bit and did not mention very much good stuff :(

Will do better next time

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Hi hope this finds you well and in good cheer.  I have done the show notes at http://jwp5.wordpress.com/

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I am learning a bit about NFS.  Have a look at my webpage jwp5@wordpress.com.
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Show notes at http://jwp5.wordpress.com/

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Puppylinux on a thin client Puppy linux on a thin client.  I got a used thin client that came with puppy 4.12 on a compact flash.  128mb ram and a 256 mb compact flash  Runs great see my word press blog at http://jwp5.wordpress.com/

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apo shipping Well I got my free open sou rce maybe disk from sun for open solaris it will be fun to see how that works.

I also got  a lot of APO shipping done
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Toshiba NB100 with Ubuntu
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Well, I did the normal net install vs the Business card and I wish I would have went ahead and just done the business card :)
It is have a bunch of x problems but no network problems so its fine :)

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I sorry I picked the wrong one :(
It is updated now
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Hey everyone hoping you enjoy my small words about DSL linux on my SD Card running from vista :)

Hope all is great with each you JWP
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a bit about how to contact me.
some open source portable aps type things.
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Hey there another short linux moment from my Iriver H10 running Rock Box and my NB 100 Toshiba linux ubuntu netbook.  Today I will share the joys of Xubuntu, xfce and share some commands with you
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26 Jan 09 Pod cast NB 100 used mostly spoke of the nb 100 laptop.
also how no rpm distros are kicking tail bone.
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http://jwp5.wordpress.com/ johnwesleypruitt@netscape.net Great show for you all :)
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I hope this podcast finds you good health and happy.
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Hi we used the dirname today in my podcast

Ubuntu Arm
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Hi everyone good Wedsday to you.
http://www.pixelbeat.org/cmdline.html good link

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Hi everyone hope all is well here are the links for the day:



Have a great day
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Hello everyone, been away for a while.

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More about setting up my samba and my ubuntu

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Things to do with Wget
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Some rambleings about my computer workings for the week.

gksudo was learned this week

sudo lshw -C disk

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I list some of the great things I do with a Memory Stick.
Linux and Open Source wise.
How to make the XP work better if you have to with opensource applications on a memory stick.

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Mini notes how to
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Hello Everyone,
I had several projects working with linux today.
Open Suse 11.0 and Ubuntu 8.0.4 LTS.
Also had some Slackware and VMware for good measure.


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Open Suse 11.0 install problems etc
vacation review
Bill Gates Tribute
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Hi just some notes I saw on the web this time.
Getting ready to get technical

MSI Wind interesting adam with blue tooth

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A short man page note about scp command.
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a bit more on tunneling a bit easier with the Red Hat magazine article by Paul Fields.

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Some basic notes about SSH tunneling (Its my first time so be generous with me)  comments always welcome at johnwesleypruitt@netscape.net

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This a rather long note about ssh.
Mostly you just use ssh from the command prompt.
ssh jwp1@
If it is a new thing it will say hey I do not have cert from the server.
Then you log in with your normal password.

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Man Page Uptime Uptime give s a one line display of the following information the current time, how long the system has been running, how many users are currently logged on and what the system load averages are for the pst 1, 5, and 15 minutes
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A quick Man Page for the Uname command
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Hi Everyone,
I have been busy in Real Live I felt a bit challenged by the Ubuntu on stick or a view of linux on a stick that the Fresh Ubuntu podcast mentioned so I did a short view of it.  I can do a technical one of you want as well :)

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mostly book looks and stuff this time
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Hi I covered the news.
PUD linux looked very good.
Thought a bit about Slackware, OpenSuse 10.3 this week.

Did much work on the SDF shell account and openvms account this week.

its not an easy thing either really lots of study time.

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Hi everyone.
The notes are at

Direct download: 20marchlinuxpodcast.mp3
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Hope all is well with everyone.
You can reach me at johnwesleypruitt@netscape.net

Very busy this week.
Looked at the G02 OS Rocket Beta ok but it is not like ubuntu.

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15 March 2008
Well back from Portugal great country really if you enjoy eating it is the place.  Looked into Knoppix 5.3, Open Susse 10.3 and Puppy Linux this week.  Also did a lot of work with portable aps a pin drive privacy suite for frequent interncafe users.

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Good Day we did the Distrowatch for today 6 March 2008.
We talked about the shutdown command.
We spoke of Math Tools in Linux.
We spoke again about the command BC

Use this program to convert tempature.

print "\nConvert Fahrenheit to Celsius\n\n"
print "Temperature in Fahrenheit: " ; fah = read()
print "\n"
print "Equivalent Temperature in Celsius is: "
(fah - 32.0) * 5.0 / 9.0
Enjoy if you have comments or questions please email johnwesleypruitt@netscape.net

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Hi Did the time and date functions in this show. Also have system commands in linux for finding disk space and free memory.
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Hi Everyone sorry for the lateness live is happening though.
Slash dot review

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Hello Everyone,  Sorry for the long delay got busy in Real life.  I have a short one about Grep and pipe commands.

Will try to do something a little more interesting soon.
If you have questions please write me at jwp5@hotmail.com.


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Hi looking at the linux comands BC and cal along with a quick hit of Samba.  Talking about slackware a bit and a vista home basic experience.

Kind Regards

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JWP linux event Number 6 7 Nov 2007 Well a bit about 10.3 Open Susse, an interest in the indiana project open solaris desktop. Looking into Sid a bit. Loving Slack for 4 months now. Wondering why puppy is not in the top 10 on distro watch. And looking at Saxen OS :) http://www.dynebolic.org/index.php?show=features http://saxenos.de/wb/media/download_gallery/saxenos.pdf
Direct download: jwplinuxevent6a1.mp3
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JWP Linux Event Number 5 Linux Bible 2007 Review I am reviewing the Linux Bible 2007 Edition by Christopher Negus.  It is a new book with lots of fresh ideas.  I also talk about work linux a bit and Open Suse 10.3 and Ubuntu a bit.


You all have a nice day :)
Direct download: 29oct2007event5a.mp3
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JWP Linux Podcast Event Number 4 OpenSuse 10.3 Open Suse 10.3 KDE review. CT Magazine Review AMDProcessor Talk General Pod Cast Review Talk
Direct download: jwplinux22oct2007event4.mp3
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 Review of Basic Networking commands.
Open Suse 10.3and Open Suse Enterprise Server.

My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-af093fd92f5a54368eb1447d728bb424}
Direct download: 14octpodcastevent3.mp3
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JWs Linux Podcast Event #2 This week we talk about my Core Six Box feeling old.
Trying to get Sarge working on my Alpha box at work.
10.3 is out now and its package management.
Using VMplayer in Ubuntu.

Second post mp3 sorry guys

Direct download: jwplinuxevent2.mp3
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First Every JW Linux Podcast Slackware 12 Review Hi everyone, I am JW and this is my first ever linux podcast :)
Today I will review a small project I did at work with slackware 12.
I use a text spreadsheet in a putty console with the command sc.
Kind Regards

JW :)
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